• Basic Chord Shapes in First Position (MAJOR, MINOR AND 7th )


    Major Scales are 'happy sounding'

    Scales are patterns of notes ascending and descending which begin on a note and end on the same note higher or lower.

    For Example... In the C major Scale the notes contained will be C D E F G A B C. On a piano or keyboard these notes will all be white notes, the black notes are not touched at all when playing the C Major Scale. The same thing happens on guitar, but we don't have the same black and white visual pattern to follow.

    THE PRIMARY CHORDS IN ANY SCALE (Scale or Key as it is often called)

    The three primary chords in any key are built upon the FIRST (I), FOURTH (IV), and FIFTH (V) notes of the scale.

    In C major the chords are (I) C Major, (IV) F Major and (V) G7 chord.

    In A Major the chords are (I) A Major, (IV) D Major and (V) E7 chord.


    Minor Scales are sad or somber sounding

    The chords in the Minor Key are built on the First, Fourth and Fifth notes as in the Major Scale but the chords built on (I) and (IV) are Minor Chord Types;

    In A Minor the chords are (I) A Minor, (IV) D Minor and (V) E7 chord.

    Compare A Minor chords with A Major chords above and you will hear the difference between them being 'Happy and Sad' sounding.

    All the best

    Jim Conquer

    www.guitarzcool.moonfruit.com Copyright Jim Conquer (C) 2011

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