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    Hi, in this article I will provide some advice for students who are new to the guitar. Over the coming months you will find articles published here relating to aspects of music theory, chords, scales and their uses which will provide students with some extra learning material. Technique and style videos will also be available soon to members of the site.

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    Firstly which guitar should you purchase to learn on..

    Personal preference and future aims play a huge part in this choice but my advice is to learn to play on a an acoustic instrument first before considering playing any electric guitars. The reason for this is simply that you learn the proper techniques on acoustic instruments, plectrum technique is greatly enhanced on an acoustic instrument, producing a stronger tone from the guitar which later makes playing electric guitars very easy. Steel string acoustic guitars are best for plectrum guitar styles and some hybrid fingerpicking styles.

    Nylon string guitars are mainly for classical guitar styles but are now used in many other modern styles of guitar music.

    Secondly, Don't leave your musical future to chance.

    Get some private one to one tuition and you will advance rapidly. Ensure the tuition gets you reading standard music notation and includes some ear training and music theory along the way. These are all of utmost importance to the development of a well rounded musician and will see you flourish quickly. This will provide you with the knowledge and technique to advance on your own for years to come.

    Thirdly, Enjoy.....

    Music can be challenging to learn due to the mental thought processes and physical aspects. We learn to coordinate music theory, music reading, listening, right and left hand techniques simultaniously to produce music... Learning to do all of this simultaneously is challenging but very rewarding and with some fun and humour thrown in along the way becomes a very enjoyable journey.

    Playing the music you love is the ultimate reward for both the student and the teacher

    All the best

    Jim Conquer

    www.guitarzcool.moonfruit.com Copyright (c) Jim Conquer 2011

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